Brentford’s new stadium may not be Griffin Park but a bright future still awaits

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Let’s be honest, Griffin Park was not a great stadium – the seats were cramped, there was little hospitality space and the pitch was one of the smallest in the Championship.

Yet it was always a treat to watch Brentford play there –  it’s ‘disadvantages’ providing unique charm and character as well as becoming somewhat of a fortress for the Bees last season.

But now it’s time to look to the future, which will play out just a mile or so down the road at the brand-new, state of the art 17,250 capacity Brentford Community Stadium. 

Although the global pandemic is currently restricting games to behind-closed-doors, preventing supporters from enjoying their new home right away, when they are able to return they will be in for a treat. 

This new stadium is, quite simply, a wonderful space for football for both players and supporters alike.

Speaking exclusively to London Football Scene, Brentford Head Coach Thomas Frank said: “We can make even more noise, and we have brand new facilities with great hospitality areas. 

“There’s lots of places to be before, during, and after the game so I think the fans will look forward to exploring.”

Those places include 16 new concession outlets for all refreshment needs, including beers, coffees and plenty of food, alongside six premium lounges for the premier fans as well as comfortable padded seats in the top level lounges.

Another impressive feature fans will appreciate are the massive new screens situated on either side of the halfway line. 

At a whopping 11x6ms long, they are the highest resolution of any screen in the UK so there is little chance of supporters ever missing a goal or having to wait for post-match highlights.

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One concern fans may have is replicating the Griffin Park atmosphere that the tightly-knit stadium brought.

However, while not quite as close to the action, the stands still sit only a few metres away, maintaining an intimate feel while simultaneously allowing for an even bigger pitch and plenty of sideline space.

The pitch itself will be one of the best quality playing surfaces in the UK, as the state of the art DESSO pitch is the same as the one used at Wembley and many other Premier League grounds.

Thomas Frank even called the pitch his favourite aspect of their new home: “It’s even more robust, I think it’s crucial for the way we play. So that’s definitely the part I’m most excited about.”

It may not be Griffin Park, and it will never replace the old ground but there is still so much to look forward to when supporters are finally allowed back into stadiums.

Obviously there may be teething problems as Brentford settle into their new surroundings and attempt to make the new house a new home but nevertheless a bright future awaits…

Photo provided courtesy of Official Brentford Pictures/Mark D Fuller.

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