Millwall to bring LGBTQI friendly football team into Lions fold ahead of new season

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Millwall have announced it will launch its first-ever LGBTQI friendly football team ahead of the new season.

Through the Millwall Community Trust (MCT), the new team will provide structured playing opportunities to members of the LGBTQI+ community and their supporters in the area.

Working in partnership with London Romans FC, the team will compete in the LGBTQI National League from September and play its matches at St Paul’s Sports Ground under the new name of ‘Millwall Romans FC’.

On the announcement, Sean Daly, chief executive of Millwall Community Trust, said: “Millwall Football Club and the Millwall Community Trust continue to be at the forefront of creating opportunities for everyone to participate in football. 

“This new LGBTQI-friendly team is another step forward in supporting our diverse community and its needs and will go a long way in ensuring discrimination to sexual orientation or preference is eradicated from the game we love.”

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Paul Loding, manager of London Romans, added: “We’re delighted to join the Millwall family. I want to extend our thanks to the Trust, the club and the community. 

“While our society has made great progress, many LGBTQI people can still feel too intimidated to take part in grassroots football. 

“For 10 years we’ve worked to provide a safe space for people to ‘play with pride’, and this partnership will help us to keep doing that for people from all backgrounds. 

“Millwall Community Trust has a long and proud history of engagement with local people so we’re really excited to work together and represent the club.”

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