Millwall and their supporters come together to pay tribute to murdered soldier Lee Rigby

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Millwall and their supporters are set to pay tribute to murdered soldier Lee Rigby with the unveiling of a memorial plaque ahead of Saturday’s game against Bristol City.

Fusilier Lee Rigby tragically lost his life in a terrorist attack outside Woolwich Barracks in May 2013 with a group of supporters initially raising money to cover the production of the plaque in his honour.

However, these funds have now been donated to charity after the plaque was donated free-of-charge by Dean Wilson Funeral Directors.

Personnel from Rigby’s regiment will be present alongside some of his close friends at the unveiling ceremony open to all fans and set to take place outside the main reception from 12.30pm. 

Mel Bingham, who has overseen the organisation of the plaque and the unveiling ceremony on behalf of Lions supporters said: “Millwall fans have always been staunch supporters of the brave men and women who defend this country and like everybody else, were shocked and saddened by the tragic murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby on the streets of South East London.

“We wanted to pay tribute and remember Lee in a place where we can all pause and reflect upon the sacrifices made.

“It is even more poignant that the plaque takes its place next to the memorial for Pte Lee O’Callaghan, a Millwall fan who was killed serving his country in Iraq in 2004.

“There are many people to thank. Firstly, thank you to the generous supporters who dug deep to donate money and thank you to Millwall Football Club for their support in  allowing us a space to honour Lee.

“And last but not least, thank you, Lee Rigby, for your faithful service to this country. You will always be remembered and will never be forgotten.”

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Millwall chief executive Steve Kavanagh added: “We are immensely proud to host what I’m sure will be a very moving unveiling ceremony and are honoured to house a permanent memorial for Fusilier Lee Rigby, which rightly recognises his service to our country.

“I’d like to place on record the club’s gratitude and pride in the supporters who have got together to raise money and in particular Mel Bingham, who has overseen the process right from the start.

“This is yet another fine example of how Millwall fans go above and beyond to recognise the efforts and sacrifices of our service men and women. They are a huge credit to the football club.”

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