Millwall help Bermondsey youngsters to become winners off the pitch

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A group of Bermondsey school children were taught how to be winners off the field as well as on it when Millwall visited their primary school last week.

As part of the club’s ‘Millwall For All’ initiative, Dean Palmer visited Riverside Primary School last Thursday (February 7th) to speak to children about racism, stereotyping and inclusion.

While there the club official led sessions specifically tailored to explore the issue of discrimination within society for students aged between 8 and 11 years old.

‘Millwall For All’ is the club’s anti-discrimination organisation and carries out a number of events across Lewisham and Southwark.

It aims to use the power of sport to build community cohesion and promote inclusive behaviour and views as well as help disadvantaged youngsters to develop key skills.

Speaking at the event, Dean Palmer said: “It was a pleasure to go and speak to the students at Riverside Primary School, and I’d like to thank the teachers there for the opportunity.

“It’s important that children learn about issues which are prevalent in society at an early age, and I was so pleased with how well they responded to what we had to say.”

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